Trash Collection


TRASH TYPE When picked up Out NET In NLT
BLACK CONTAINERS MON a.m. Sun a.m. Mon p.m.
PINK (Recycle) CONTAINERS THURS a.m.   Wed a.m. Thurs p.m.
    Apr 2 – Apr 6
  Apr 30 – May 4
    Jun 4 – Jun 8
     Jul 2 – Jul 6
  Aug 6 – Aug 10
  Sep 10 – Sep 14
   Oct 8 – Oct 12
   Nov 5 – Nov 9
  Dec 10 – Dec 14
 Sat, Mar 24
  Sat, Apr 21
 Sat, May 26
  Sat, Jun 23
  Sat, Jul 28
   Sat, Sep 1
 Sat, Sep 29
 Sat, Oct 27
  Sat, Dec 1

Please tidy up after pickup

          (In table above, NET = Not Earlier Than; NLT = Not Later Than)

Scottsdale BULK Trash Pickup occurs once each month on an unscheduled day within a scheduled week’s span.  Bulk trash can be plant refuse, furniture or other large household items, or other items too large for the containers.  There are special rules for hazardous waste disposal, including electronics, such as TVs and computers, medical waste, and household toxic materials, such as paint and chemicals.

  1. As of July 2017, City of Scottsdale asks that you separate brush vs. bulk into separate piles, as brush is picked up separately and ground into mulch for recycling.  (Click “Scottsdale BULK Trash Pickup” above for more details.)
  2. Do not place items out more than 9-days prior to the Monday of our scheduled bulk pickup week.  Putting out trash early is both a City of Scottsdale and Happy Valley Ranch 1 violation.
  3. The city will pick up one pile, separated into brush vs. bulk, per lot, stacked neatly beside the asphalt pavement.  If a pile exceeds 10ft long by 6ft wide by 4ft high the City may refuse to pick it up and the homeowner must arrange to have it hauled off.

HVR1’s specific schedule is shown above.  Any questions?  See or Call 480-312-5600.   For recorded schedule information call the Brush/Bulk Hotline: (480) 312-5680. 

Trash Containers must be placed at a consistent location along the street edge near an entry to your driveway for pickup a maximum of 1 day prior to the scheduled pickup date and removed from the street no later than 1 day after the container is emptied.  Trash pickup begins at 5 a.m. so have your containers “on the curb” by then!

Scottsdale BLACK Containers are emptied every Monday morning, including most holidays that fall on Monday.  Contents are disposed at a land fill and may include general household trash and plant matter.  Please “bag & tie” plant matter such as grass and trimmings before placing them in the container.  Items too large or too heavy for this container may be picked up along with other bulk trash so long as they fit those requirements (below).  Containers may be placed at the street as early as Sunday morning and must be removed no later than Tuesday evening.

Scottsdale MAUVE Recyclable Containers are emptied every Thursday morning.  Please make the effort to follow these guidelines and preserve our environment!