Scottsdale Water Bills

Water conservation rebates help environment and your wallet

It’s always important to conserve water, but the water you use each month is significantly more important in the winter months.  That’s because in addition to the basic monthly charges that all customers are billed, next year’s monthly sewer service charge is based on the average amount of water you use during December, January and February.  If you’re doing home repairs, remodeling, refilling your swimming pool or planting a winter lawn, these activities can all increase your sewer fees.  Contact Water Resources about ways to adjust your sewer service charge for these special circumstances at 480-312-5650.  To decrease fees, be sure to check for leaks around your home, both inside and out, and adjust the timing on your irrigation controller for the cooler winter months.

New and improved water conservation rebates available

Scottsdale Water has new rebate incentives to help residents and businesses reduce indoor and outdoor water use, decrease salinity in our wastewater and save money.  Rebates include replacing toilets, urinals, showerheads and irrigation controllers, plus removing grass, pools and water softeners.  Applications and requirements are available at Scottsdale Water Conservation Rebates.  For more information, email or call 480-312-5650.