Scottsdale Police Residential Security Advice

Scottsdale Police Department offers free security surveys to Scottsdale residents.  A member of the Crime Prevention Unit will come to your home or business and suggest ways to make your property a less desirable target to criminals.  Contact your Foothills District, Officer Jason Glenn at 480-312-8802

Residents: Check LOCAL NEWS for Neighborhood Security Notices

IMPORTANT PHONE NUMBERSOfficers Cesareo & Oliver
Call 911 if an incident is happening NOW.

Call the police non-emergency number 480-312-5000 if you encounter a person or vehicle that is out of place among familiar faces and cars at Happy Valley Ranch.

At our 2013 Annual Meeting, Scottsdale Police Officers Cesareo and Oliver lead a lively discussion about how to protect our homes from burglars at our Annual Meeting. Both officers have been with COS for over 10 years and are familiar with our neighborhood.  Here are some highlights:

  1. When in doubt, don’t hesitate to call the Non-Emergency Police Report number 480-312-5000.  An officer in the area can be advised to drive through, provide a police presence and have a look around.  The information you give may tie in to other events in the area, which is helpful.
  2. In North Scottsdale, break-ins are focused on jewelry, cash and small items that can quickly be taken and easily liquidated.
  3. Master bedrooms and closets are the initial targets.  A burglar’s time is limited, so make it difficult to find your valuables.
  4. Keep a list of your valuables, with serial numbers if relevant, and/or take photos.
  5. If you own a security system, use it when you are away from the house–even if you are going out for a short time.
  6. Lock your doors when leaving the house.  You may wish to keep your doors locked even when you are home.
  7. Leave internal lights on and a TV, music or radio playing.  It makes the house seem occupied.  Change timers on and off from time to time.  Check your external lights and replace burned out bulbs.
  8. A dog is a good deterrent; even small dogs bark.  A potential intruder will avoid the risk of being bitten.
  9. Let a trusted neighbor know if you will be out of town.  Let them know if you are expecting deliveries.
  10. Trash bins left out for long signals to potential burglars that you are away.
  11. Newspapers collecting in your driveway give the same signal.
  12. Neighborhood Watch is very effective. Become familiar with your neighbors and what is normal in your neighborhood.  Learn to recognize the vehicles your neighbors and their regular service people drive.
  13. Write down license numbers and descriptions if something feels out of place.  If you have a handheld with a camera, take a picture of a suspicious vehicle (try to capture the license plate) or person(s).
  14. Know your service people by first and last names.  Ask them if they are bonded and have insurance.
  15. Again, call the police at 480-312-5000 if you see anyone or anything suspicious.  Police will not reveal the names of persons who file reports. Don’t be afraid to offend. Your call may help catch a burglar.

HVR1 HOA suggests that homeowners keep a copy of the HVR1 Contact Quicklist handy.  PLEASE PROVIDE ANY CONTACT DETAILS you wish to share with your neighbors to Rudy Frame, VIP Property Management ( / 480-585-1625), a board member, or  Then we can also keep you up to date on the neighborhood.