HVR1 Approved Exterior Paint Colors

Happy Valley Ranch 1 HOA has worked with Dunn Edwards to develop a very specific palette of our approved exterior paint colors.  While it is possible to get other colors approved that fall into the Light Reflective Value (LRV) range of 15% to 35%, a restriction set by the City of Scottsdale for its Environmentally Sensitive Lands Ordinance (ESLO), use of an already approved color will greatly simplify your selection process.

The color palette is an aid to selecting your paint color.  You do not have to purchase your paint from Dunn Edwards.  All major paint suppliers (eg, Home Depot, Lowes, Ace Hardware, Benjamin Moore, Sinclair, and many others) can cross-check the Dunn Edwards colors in their computer systems and provide you with an exact match from their systems.  Click here to access the HVR1 pallete on the Dunn Edwards Color Archive.

  1. Click the “choose color…” box for a list of HVR1 approved colors with digital sample chips with a slide control along its right edge.  Note:  If the scrollable color sample pop-up extends beyond the top of the page (common), hold down your CTRL (Control) key while pressing the + sign (Ctrl+) to expose the entire sample list.  Then simply look through the list, using the slide control as needed, to pick a color.
  2. Click on a color sample in the list.  The “Select Your Colors” box will disappear and the “choose color…” box will change to the color you selected.
  3. To print a sample of your chosen color for your continued reference, click the Download button. Dunn Edwards Cart This will generate a 1-page PDF on your PC screen that can be opened to view it or saved on your PC for later printing.  (Standard prompts for Open or Save are operating system dependent.  You’ve probably seen them before.)
  4. If you want Dunn Edwards to mail a sample paint chip to you, click the Order Chips button.  This adds the current chip to your shopping Cart, where you can accumulate any number of chips for later (paid online) order from Dunn Edwards.  Note: You need an account on the Dunn Edwards site to place such orders.
  5. To collect additional paint samples, simply repeat steps above, as desired.
  6. When you are finished, simply close the Dunn Edwards site by going to a different site or closing your browser.