Remodeling or Painting

If you are planning any re-modeling, please remember that you must get approval for any exterior addition or change or paint from the Architectural Committee.  Follow HVR1’s Design Review Process.  You may choose to review Scottsdale’s Character Design for context on these restrictions.

1-Exterior Remodeling:  Obtain approvals from the Architectural Committee for any exterior remodeling, for example additions, porches, walls, pools, casitas, etc. before you start the project.  Required steps are outlined in our Building Guidelines (see sidebar) and under DesignReview.  Permit(s) from the City of Scottsdale may also be required.

The first step in the HVR1 Design Review process is for the homeowner to complete and submit an Architectual Review Form (see sidebar) to the Architectural Committee via Rudy Frame at VIP Property Management (email:  The more complete your plans are, the quicker your response is likely to be from the Architectural Committee.  You may save some time, too, by discussing your project with our Property Manager, Rudy Frame.  Our goal is to make your experience a pleasant one by providing advice that avoids complications.

2-Exterior Painting:  You need approval from the Architectural Committee for any exterior painting.  This includes the repainting of the existing color of your home.

To expedite your approval process, please use the HVR1 2018 APPROVED EXTERIOR PAINT COLORS (click to open the official HVR1 PDF file) to view the color samples already approved for HVR1.  Note that this links in the PDF are live (ie, click on them) or highlight and copy the links into your browsers address box.  If you have any difficulty using the PDF, a book of approved color samples is maintained at VIP Property Management offices.

If homeowners choose to use a paint color not on the approved list, the following procedure is required:

  1. LRV shall not exceed 35.  Exterior paint colors shall not exceed a value of six (6) and a chroma of six (6) as indicated in the Munsell Book of Color on file in the Planning Systems department.  These are City of Scottsdale requirements.  The paint supplier can supply these numbers.
  2. Paint two 2 foot by 2 foot samples on the sun and shade sides of your home and request a review by the Architecture Committee using the standard Architectural Review form (see sidebar) and send it to VIP Property Management at
  3. On the form, state the manufacturer, color name, the LRV and chroma
  4. The Architecture Committee will review the sample and notify you via VIP Property Management of the approval or disapproval

3-Landscaping:  We live in the City of Scottsdale’s Environmentally Sensitive Lands District (ESL).  Under the ESL ordinance and our CC&R’s and Building Guidelines (see sidebar), we are required to preserve our natural desert setting.  As homeowners this means protecting the land outside the walls of your home and fenced areas.  Generally this means do not prune, remove, rake or introduce plants, trees and materials which are not approved by our Guidelines and the City of Scottsdale outside that walled boundary.  If you are new to the area or unsure, please contact the Architectural Committee Chair for assistance.

In the interest of safety, specific limited pruning is allowed.  Only indigenous approved plants are allowed in the natural desert areas.  Most landscapers are not trained in these requirements; only Certified Arborists are properly qualified.  Your Architectural Committee is available to talk to landscapers to prevent inappropriate trimming and removal of desert plants.

4-Lighting:  We live in a Dark Sky District governed by our Guidelines and Scottsdale.  Flood and monument lights must be pointed downwards and have reflectors so that any light source is not visible and does not shine on adjacent lots.  Please ensure that flood lights are not on 24 hours a day.