HVR1 Mailboxes


The stucco mailbox enclosures and covered bulletin boards on Happy Valley Road next to the intersections of Roping and Ranch Gate are the private property of HVR1 Homeowners Association.  Our HOA paid for the installation of these and the asphalt pullout apron by them.  We residents must maintain them.

The Board installed enclosed 3ft high x 2ft wide bulletin boards at both mailbox locations.  Arizona law requires that the HOA post certain notices, particularly for Board and special meetings.  Please, do not tape anything to our boards or mailboxes, as this obscures our required postings and damages the glass.


It is Board policy not to post notices on personal events that do not include the entire community.  Non-commercial event postings of special interest to the HVR1 community may be allowed with permission from the Board.  If you have a notice you would like posted that fits these limitations, please contact our property manager:

Email Rudy@vippropertymanagement.com or phone 480-585-8684.

If you observe anyone placing such non-HVR1 postings or handouts on our bulletin boards or mailboxes, please ask them to stop immediately.  Report any issues with postings to our Property Manager, Rudy Frame.


When picking up mail, please always parallel park next to the mailboxes and as far forward in the asphalted area provided as possible to leave room for a neighbor to pull up behind your car to get their mail, too.

If you have guests at your home who need to park on the street, please suggest that your guests only park on one side of the street (generally the side your house is on) to give the best opportunity for two way traffic and adequate room should any emergency vehicles need to pass.

Mailbox & Key Maintenance Policy at HVR1

HVR1 HOA is responsible for overall repair and maintenance of the mailbox structure.  We will do this as needed with funds available from our new Reserve Fund.  Any replacement mailbox keys or repairs to the locks on individual boxes is the responsibility of the homeowner granted use of such mailbox.  The Kachina Post Office will provide the locksmith service for a fee (last reported to be $40) or VIP management will be happy to provide a  reference to locksmiths.