Approved Exterior Paint Colors

The HVR1 Approved Exterior Colors List has been digitized for us by Dunn Edwards. The Dunn Edwards list can be cross-referenced in the computer systems of all the major paint suppliers, making it easy for homeowners to buy the same colors at Home Depot, Lowe’s, Ace Hardware, and all other major suppliers. By having Dunn Edwards hosting our palette HVR1 can keep the list current and accessible from any PC or handheld computer with an Internet connection.

See the HVR1 Approved Exterior Paint Colors page on HVR1.COM for instructions on accessing the digitized palette on the Dunn Edwards website. Your Board and Architectural Committee sincerely hope you’ll find this computer-based tool current and easy to use.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: You cannot depend on Downloaded PDFs for complete color accuracy simply because all PC monitors and printers can vary in the accuracy of their color reproduction. The same applies to any paint chips mailed to you. Applied paint will look somewhat different on stucco and other surfaces and likely look a bit different at different times of the day as lighting conditions change.

The HVR1 Architectural Committee strongly advises that, after you narrow your initial selection, you purchase a paint sample (usually in pint or quart size) and paint at least a 2 foot by 2 foot square on the sun and shade sides of your home. This will allow you to see the finished color a lot better than a paint chip. This small investment in time and money will avoid a “That color does not look like the paint I selected!” disaster.