Architectural & Landscape Design Review Process

Requirements for Remodeling and Painting
HVR1’s Approved Exterior Paint Colors
Protecting Our Native Desert Trees
Definition of a Natural Area
HVR1 Mailbox Kiosks and Bulletin Boards


Architectural Review Form (May 2016) must be printed, completed, and submitted to initiate a Design Review for compliance with CC&Rs, Bylaws, and Guidelines.  Also visit Scottsdale’s Web site for Scottsdale’s Building Permit Process and Forms.

Homeowner Information Form is a printable form for HVR1 homeowner contact information.  Alternately a homeowner may email such changes to Rudy Frame at VIP Property Management: rudy@vippropertymanagement.com.

Tenant Registration Form is a printable form for use by homeowners who lease their HVR1 properties to register their tenants with the HOA to make them eligible for inclusion in our directories and access to our websites.  Doing so enhances neighborliness and neighborhood security.

HOA Controlling Documents

The HVR1 HOA CCRs, (recorded Jul 28, 1997) document is the official record that established our Homeowners’ Association (HOA) in November 1977.  The July 1997 revision reflects the removal of the developer’s interests and tranfer of responsibilities to our HOA.  CC&R stands for Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions under which we collectively maintain our community’s appearance.

The HOA Bylaws expand on  the CC&Rs to detail how the HOA is governed by its Board of Directors.  Our Bylaws were most recently updated on March 19, 2014:  Explanation of changes in 2013.  This update is being filed with the Maricopa County Recorders Office, which officially stamped copy will be available here as soon as MCR processing is complete.

The Building Guidelines  are more “down to earth” address to Frequently Asked Questions about what the CC&Rs actually mean in terms of real projects and property concerns.  The Guidelines are lengthly and topical, written in everyday language rather than “legaleze”.  Click here to view a Summary of the Changes in May 2014.

The Board of Directors has developed a 7-page Owner’s Manual, a synopsis of our rules for quick reference, that is available on our Residents-Only site.  It is not a substitute, however, for reading the CC&Rs, Bylaws, and Building Guidelines above.  The Owner’s Manual includes a list a some important area phone numbers and web addresses for quick reference.

A Fine Schedule will become effective on June 29, 2013.  It sets uniform specific fines for specific violations of the HOA rules contained in our CC&Rs and Building Guidelines.  It consists of an introductory page and a 1-page list of offenses to which fines will apply and the potentially recurring fine amounts for failure of address by a homeowner for each offense.